Let's See How Far a Man Can...

Let’s see how far a man can fly

Without his wax-waned wings

He’ll trace the ground

Long distance round

His path a wrath worn swing

Whose plane is stained into the brain

bleeds into the view for you

takes time and twists then turns

faults bursting out of view


Let’s see how far a man can sink

With all his neckties wet

he’ll shrink and stir

from the whole damned world

to not drink a drop of sweat

he’ll flail and squeeze

dripping doubt for need

And breath his new last breath

down in that dreadful deep


Let’s see how long a man can wait

For time to just stand still

He’ll post and boast

While coals roast him most

Raked over embers and cinder steam

The burn in turn numbs as it comes

To lick and lap the soles on tap

Drunk much from flesh its finds the rest

Until ash is past the knees


Let’s see how long a man can run

Away from fallen fears

He’ll carry on the boots ‘til dawn

Then shrivel up and fawn

From salted wounds of brawn

And orphaned thoughts et all

He’ll pass no baton

And run ever on

Unspoken rat-trapped wheel


Let’s see how much a man can take

the threshold of his soul

What pricks and pins

Can bring his sins

Into an acceptable light

What pain remains imprinted now

Unto his scarred frame

Is riddle racked and slunkered back

A repeat of all the shame

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let's see how far a man can see, with all his eyelids shut.... 

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