Your Figure Skating the 9th Level of Hell

She dances with a certain grace

Around a round that’s froze

Crystal eyes then rise from face

To look where no one knows


She bears a blade about her foot

and keeps the distance there

She whirls and winds her secrets now

Too spiraling to care


The story that she weaves around

is spoken under sole

and as she glides—the truth—it dies

a bitterness twofold


To skate while Hell is here and now

And now that it hath come

It keeps on in a winter rush

Of sharp turns turning numb


She Circles in a circle in a circle under feet

And hands and head

Skate on the dead

This frozen girl’s retreat


She touches down so ever gently

Blade and ice to kiss

As if the ice would spark somehow

Ignorance in bliss


Ignition of the colder sole

To wield a weapon’s dance

So bold against the colder now

Deception’s game of chance


Tread troubles underneath the sheet

Kept deep and out of view

The inner circle now repeats

The Lake nine layers true


She circles now the final time

As Hell is breaking loose

Touches down just long enough…

To stir the grief of knowing you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dante; "Abandon all Hope, ye who enter."

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