(Translated) My broken frozen heart

Book 7

I am frozen inside,

With my heart closed to my mind

If you could just tell me why we are apart

Why do we seem to be so far apart

You only see what you want to see

You are concerned with how you perceive what you see

You hold the key to my love

Why did you lock me away and shut off your love

I am frozen

My heart will stay broken

If only you could melt my heart

We could be happy and not apart

Because you hold my hearts key

Why do you hate what you see

I am frozen

I am frozen

I am frozen inside

With my heart closed to my mind

I am frozen

With my heart broken

I am totally frozen inside

With your words stinging my mind

You are so confused with how you love me

I just wish you could just see

How I am so cold and frozen

I am frozen.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mein gebrochenes gefrorenes Herz(Translated)

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