Run, run all the way home little piggy.

Book 4

I hear the scratching at the door.

I hear the deep breathing at my door.

I have never truly felt fear of this day.

Yet I must tell my story.

There we were all eating at my third broths place

It was a Palace made of straw and thatch, bound with twine

It was modest for a Palace, simple furniture.

But HE came, he sneezed and wheezed and everything was blown around.

Wind like a tornado ripped the straw apart.

Whipping our hides, cutting our flesh anew.

And stinging our eyes. Making us tear again.

Running in stark horror we fled.

Yet it wasnt till we were at my second brothers house when we realized it,

Our younger brother was missing. Where was he?

We waited and waited, and he never came.

So we waited under this house of oak and ash.

Knowing that we were safe from wind with stout wood.

Wood known for holding up against storms and winds

Bound with rose and hemp rope, the house will stand firm.

Nothing to fear, maybe a strong fire. Thats something to fear anyway.

Then it started the howling and screaming,

The sneezing and wheezing.

The house starts rocking and swaying with the torrent of air

Then it happens, there is a sound of thunder and cracking,

The wonderful wooden home is flying about,

Cords of wood flying around, splintering everything

Turning my flesh from normal to a pin quill.

Scratching and slicing my flesh to another point of endurance

This time I run and run and run, running all the way to my home

A home made of mortar and brick. Six types of brick to be accurate

And a door of iron and oak. Strong and weather tight against any storm

Nothing will get me hear, not in my own home. Not even the army can get me.

Hear I sit now telling you this last remnant of my mind.

Telling you my sad story. The story of lost brotherhood, lost friends.

Telling you what it is I fear.

The very thing we all feared as children.

My step brother. Wolfe.  

He is scrawny and thin, but dont let that fool you,

He is quick and snappish Aggressive and mean,

Will take your head off with simple words

Now I know why my brothers never really showed.

Even hours latter he is now scratching and pawing my door.

I knew in away he was going to be the death of us.

I just knew my mother marring a wolf would lead to this.

Only if I never told him about the luncheon.

Then my brothers would be alive, instead of in his belly

Only if I could think of away to get rid of him.

His favored food would work but only if he would leave my hands to give it to him

Should I open the door, should I even move from my seat?

This is a nightmare to find my fellow brothers eaten by a sibling.

Only if my mother knew of this horror!

Only if I could bring them back, but how?

Then comes a sound that I thought I would never hear,

-Are you going to answer the door little piggy brother?-

It could only mean one thing for me. My very death.

Turning I look at the golden eyes of my brother sitting calmly across the room

He was sitting there the whole time? Then who is at the door?

He just grins at me with those lupine teeth. Chilling me to the bone!

Who could be sneezing and wheezing a storm like that?

Who could it be!

I get up and walk to the door; I reach out slowly thinking of the worst of all things

I grip the door handle. I look over my shoulder to stare at my brother watching silently.

I slide the latch, and pull the door just slowly.

There in the entryway is my dear old mum.

Holding a hanky in one hand and my stepfathers in another.

Both there scowls tell me they are upset. But what for?

-Nice of you to tell mommy to see you and your brothers for lunch, now we shall all eat-

Says my stepfather.

-Yes, (acchoooo), we will now eat at the hospital, (acchooo), and spend some time there.

Showing your brothers that you are fine.- My mother says sneezing

-Yes and to show them that youre not hurt, you ran off screaming like a little piggy all the way home. And they got only bruises, what got into that little head of yours?-

Now who is the little one?

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