To truly believe

Book 4

Hear we stand holding our souls with pride

Hear we look forward to the death that awaits us

We see what was once lost yet found in death

The very meaning of what we truly are.

This is what no one understands

Or do they? They shun us when we talk

They berate our way of life

They look down there noses at us

Why should we be treated like we are in the wrong?

We would never treat another like this.

We would try to understand one another

Yet we will never truly know what is in another’s heart

We stand hear holding onto what is left of life for us.

We take life and death as if its nothing anymore

But why you ask? Death is another gateway to life.

Is there an after life? Or do we truly die forever?

What is heaven and what is hell?

Is your meaning of hell what I think hell should be?

Is it right of you to judge me for the way I am?

Have you lived my life? Do you know my pain?

Dont you understand yet?

You will never truly know me. You will never understand me.

Dont look at me like you think I am the fool.

I am not the one you wont to kill for not believing in your god.

Take my life send me on to heaven or hell.

Which ever you think it truly is for me.

Take your life in hand and slay me.

Spill my blood on your hands and think of what you truly believe.

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