all knowing one

We are
wilting away with the flowers
One day bringing us to the next.

Anything can be said.

We are sleepless
Dark depths of an ocean
we can not reach.
We feel
the rocks the waves are drowning,
the waves crashing into the rocks.

There are eyes watching all of this
alone in the dark night,
wet sand, with rain clouds overhead
and little raindrops all around.
In cold hands, numb, but not shaking
there is held
the vastness of all that is known to that person.
Yet nothing in that mind is known
to the person over there
And that mind does not know
anything that person knows.

We are add and subtract
We are focus on specific
We are wonder of it all.
Can we crasp all there is to grasp?
The ocean can not fit in a cup
but can we feel all there is in existence
by feeling the presence of the all knowing one?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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