Now I'm forced to hustle. Lord I'm back in the struggle. In this world you need money yet money is not important. I used to be under pressure but now it feels like depression. People don't really care I weep for this generation. Stop with the racial this is the species of man. Man is a man, man is a woman, a companion for life. This my brother, this my sister, only one mom and dad. This my cousin, this my uncle y mi pana at that. Amor de rey, la familia you know like in the past. Capitalista y communista tambien spiritual. She was my best friend and lover but really it was just fucking. Didn't really have much in common except that we both like cummin. Do what makes you happy. This is my gift to you. Be careful what you ask for y'all know not what y'all do. The biggest lie I've told is telling her I didn't love her but I'm always going to love her it's just easier from a distance. So I can keep my thoughts of her like the morning of Christmas.

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