Feel it still

I'm crazy in the head. I didn't hear a word that's said. I'm just thinking about your girl with her legs up eagle spread and me cummin in her pussy cummin in her back to back. I was grateful for that pill or if she had her tubes tied. I was grateful for that pussy baby our love was raw. If we slept with other people we would tell each other so. As long as we had permission then tell each other confessions. I thought the flesh was enough. Sure enough it hurt my feeling. So I let go of it all. Became childlike in essence. Now I listen to nature more than I listen to people. This is for you but don't tell anybody. Cannot deny the connection baby know that you got me. No downward spiral your spiral more like a galaxy. I was raised by my mother and I was raised by my lovers. I was raised by O Gs making the world go round. I was raised by my friends and we family now. From the hood to suburbia and all the different struggles watching my life through the television having visions tired of what I wanted in life. I was the type to fuck your wife. You know like a thief at night but we we're always on the shade on broad daylight. I am in sane and I chill with the misbehaved. Like what's up lil g's you too can be saved. Like Constantine and John wick. You know that Keanu Reeves. You know the wind comes and goes. Leaving a trail of leaves. You know the biggest are smaller. It's just the way that it seems. I trancended that ocean and now they look just like me. Both that canine and feline I be like friendly and a loner a stoner scary and Godlike. It's the gut feeling intimation, the spirit, other dimensions. God is no religion his angels helping us out. The children you know how kids be, there's tricksters out and about. They love and fear me try and trick me I might take off my belt. Whip you like lightning. Then my thunderous voice. La gente dice. Dime donde esta. Y yo de lejos whispering que ya voy but can't let you get too close cause you'll burn up though. Sigo fumando. Playing playstation 4. Playstation is what I had when my son was born and now. The president is missing. He's hiding behind the bushes. A traitor is up in office. The people that love that bullshit. A blessing also a curse. To love and to truly hurt. To see the world like very few. Like the Christ, like the Buddha, quiet but comes with a phone. Imagine life is like the matrix plug in your mother gives birth. Or Imagine finding out that your Obi Wan had sex with your babies mama. To kill or to forgive, difficult is the latter. I stand with the throne so really there is no option. Going out of my way to help you. I'm the bad guy for saying thank you. The bad guy for showing love. The bad guy misconception.   

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