What rules the world. I warn you. Their trying to trick our nation. These fake ass elections to grab your attention. It's all entertainment. Something is coming. Believe when I say that it's coming. Everyone feels it. Earthquakes and comets my brothers and sisters the truth be revealed. Again we will learn to perceive it. So many people just work to aquire a whole bunch of shit that is not really needed. It's not their fault, it's just the way they are taught. What have you bought? How many people must suffer to keep your shit cheap at the mall but many don't think this is wrong. Bankrupt a nation then buy it. Disrupt the nations around it. Leave it a dangerous place. Ask yourself this. Who was hussein, who was bin laden and how did they come up in power. No cure for cancer. Things just advance if it's first weaponized then later it's maybe realeased to the masses. We're a bunch of dumb asses. 

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