Angels and feelings. Aliens and demons.

This world has awoken what I have inside. Rappers and isis that shit coincides. Niggaz in paris I didn't give 2 fucks. Then they attacked it I'm smoking again. Drinking again. They say he's psychotic don't fuck with that man. Could've, should've would've, Buddha. I used to fear it but now I embrace it and tell everybody I know that I'm crazy and if I attack I can fuck you up worst. Don't fuck with Texans don't fuck with Colombians my heart might be sacred my dick is a long one. Afraid to believe I was on that boat? The sword in the stone underwater I claimed it. It's hard to believe that I am the greatest cause I keep on waiting you think I surrendered because I rejected that offer from satan. Sheesh. I'll stay asleep counting all of my sheep. Peace. My deuces disarm you I'll kill any beat.

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