I know you heard

I see your beauty, I know your anger and felt your pain. Trials and tribulations not everybody's the same. I know it's hard and the times we just want to give up, all the emotions bottled up can break the glass with that pressure blow up but then for what? Will it be for peace or for anarchy? I live in south west but on the south east. Southland tales since 86. Thought I was dead, thought I was deceased. Remember a life I don't feel like I lived. A life that has lived. Abused and refused the temptation of sin. The feelings of flesh. The drugs and the liquor the number women undressing then get in the flesh. The tribes and the people. I walk among people and light up a blunt to share tales with the people. Share beer or liquor a smile with the people break bread with the people. We're in revelations kick start evolution it's our revolution to bring forth the nation. So many brothers are still overseas fighting for people that want them deceased. They want us to leave. To maintain our business we just cannot leave because if we leave then other countries will simply march in. Interest lost that's ground for a war. Who's interest my interest does not involve banks. Money is needed for us to advance they got you with that. Even the vatican is simply a bank. Corrupted our leaders a bunch of fat cats. Destroying peoples lives and constantly lie. I get it they say what it takes to survive. To keep their control but soon it's the time for the whole world to grow and on that day. You'll see and you'll hear it. Even the blind and the deaf gonna feel it.

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