Tai chi

Throw your hate in all directions and wait to see who will bite. Alright I understand that you feel the need to blame and unknowingly plant seeds inside of the peoples brains. All the freedom that is granted but abused this is the end. "I want freedom to insult you". "I want freedom for the same". Give this freedom to the children now the house is up in flames. Using freedom to destroy you everyone participates. Y'all don't use it for the better what some want is anarchy but still want the laws protection they protest get paid then leave. This is such a fragile thing. Decisions behind the scenes. I don't mean just you or me. Best believe Asia is laughing. Controlling the way you think. Countless, countless people believe everything they read. No one sees the golden rule. It still hate between the kids. Their way to control the slaves. I guess their a fan of lynch.

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