Sex without passion that's one thing I pass on. I'm not a priest I'm not really old fashioned. You don't understand me you just don't know how to. I'm not the same person I changed my perception the reason for this I have witnessed perfection. A beautiful spirit a ghost that is living and teaching me I don't need someone's approval. Always by my side be it day or night. Tells me the one that's for me is the one that won't lie. No problem I'll wait. Tempted everyday.  By women that I just show love as a friend. Believe me it's hard. It would be too easy to lust like the past. So great their physique, I crave them I do. If that's what their into just fucking that's cool. We all need real love so just fucking won't do. I don't go out that much but I live in the light. I've less secrets than you. That's realer than saying fuck big pharma too. 

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