I'm not Pablo or Castro big brother knows I'm Michael, psycho. Footsteps close in they trying to phone in, Fall in! and in their mind I'm far behind. Me with Mary getting high at the starting line. Watching junkies walking by as they pass me, they ask me, crown me. I walk away to smoke a cig then a homeless man approached me. He came with food and this he said. My brother, will you break bread with us. I said thank you my brother now go with God. I cross the street, walk down the block, hop in a car and I drop the top but it wasn't mine cause I'm broke as fuck the shit is a rental so I peeled off. Driving down the beach like a maniac. Born then came to be like an avatar. Talking to the clouds they know I'm a star. Been waiting for this age we know what's to come.

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