I'll fall in love with a witch that will defend my name. She will embody this power and help control my insane. Sometimes I feel overjoyed, retarded smile on my face. Sometimes my feelings pile up and that's when my vision shakes let's hope that it's not with hate. They say I'm psychotic you see I show you all love because the darkside in me somehow attracted to blood. Put down that cup to get high and blow the smoke to the sky. Close my eyes talk to God and wait for a reply. Was it the chicken or the egg but like a chick it replied. Way before time was time before the concept of dying before that bitch learned to deceive then taught men how to lie. So now were trapped in this vibration where we bleed and we die. I know that true love stinks but can't stink more than my ass. I'll take a whiff and if it does no thank you I'll pass cause baby I don't mind fishing but I left death in the past.

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