The Fury of the Winter Forest

At the edge of the trees

All there is to see

Are the dark shadows of the December moon

Stretched across the cold forest floor.

Step forth into the vast dark realm and

Listen as the wind whips through the elms

The somber melody that is sung 

A song that only the forest can sing


Enter the great and harsh winter forest 

And stand alone, but not unseen

For the amber moon watches from above

Casting it's light through the clouds

To guide my soul through uncharted wood

Through the primitive and unmanned void.


Enter this world so untouched by all

And feel the fury of the forest come to life.


Above the colorless treetops they soar

The owls, they fight through the storm

Scanning the floor in search of life

For them to survive, another must die, 

A victim of chance, an unlucky soul.


In the distance the cries can be heard,

The wolves set out in packs to hunt

Tramping through the freezing storm

Searching the land for a target to slay

Bloodthirst driving them through the cold.

The woods seem empty, void of life

Save for the unfortunate wanderer ahead.

Quickly the pack encircle their victim

Swiftly surrounding and closing in.

Together they rage upon the foe

Extinguishing the life that thrived within.

Brutal are the ways of those who dwell here

Proving how harsh the forest may be.


Victory is shared and spread through the pack

The creature now lies motionless and red.

The winter is harsh for those who call it home.


But nowhere else would I rather be

Than here among the cold and trees.

This is where my soul should be

Here I know I could finally be free.


But this picture won't last, soon it will fade

And give way to far less glorious image. 

It will soon disappear far off and distant 

As well the winter song will soften.

As the moon sinks slowly out of sight

I wish of the time to forever reign,

When the song of the forest Is never silent,

When the Sun never bothers to rise,

When the storm clouds forever loome up high,

I would claim this land as my place and home

But For this picture to ever be true, 

I could only dream of a time, 

When the dawn no longer rises,

And the fury of the forest is never lost.

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