That guy name ALI

Out of nowhere I remember you,

Memories flashes back out of the blue.

The smile on your face to forget I cannot,

all was just like yesterday,

the feelings I thought I no longer got.


Then I started reading back those emails you sent me,

Yes the feeling is still there. Damn! I missed you badly.

I tried to recall exactly what happened,

Why did you stepped back,when you said it was heaven.


There before you left you dedicate me a song,

"Wish you were here" by avril, spins in my head all day long.

I never knew then it was that tough for you,

Us being apart, and all the things we could never do.


Im sorry baby, I guess it was never meant to be,

But always remember that I loved you and I meant it truly.

You will always have a special place in my heart,

From now until forever will never be torn apart.





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