My candle lies in a dark room

Once it’s light is illuminated, it will fully consume

The candle sits idle, no one can see where it lies

For my light to shine, I need somebody to give me light

Do I need the light? Darkness is the absence of light

My shadow will still haunt me

The more I run to the light, the longer my shadow becomes

It grows in distorted shapes, clawing outwards cutting through the light

Does it have a choice? It bends to my distorted will against my control

Since I must move, does that mean my shadow has to act

If I move positively, does that mean that my shadow must balance out the opposite

If I fly, it swims. If I drown, it consumes me

I won’t wake up, and I like that

Thank you for giving me light, my best friend that created my worst enemy

After all, the wax is the conduit and the light burn through it

The pain is almost over

It died

I can sleep.

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