A man went to town one day

To see the children at the play

They performed, chanted, and played away

And the man at the end shouted "hooray"


He couldn't help the sudden urge

To meet the kids while they converged

As he made his way their way

One boy shouted "Old man, go away"


He bowed his head in shame and went

After all, he hadn't consulted a parent

But of course, he made it home that day

And saw that he was all alone again


He dropped to his knees and bowed his head

And wept to the Lord, "I may be as good as dead"

The Lord heard him as he had heartfully prayed

And responded by sending the plague his way


The old man died alone that night

And the kids found out the little plight

But in the morning while they laughed in the light

skipping and dancing and picking a fight


That mean old boy that night before

Laughed it off, for he thought it was a bore

He was going to grow up real strong, but after that blunder, the Lord said "look what you caused"

So he killed him, dead in his sleep, they lowered him and the old man to their graves where they were forgotten, the boy at 8 and the man at 89. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something just for fun

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