Quick Dr. King poem

His name was King, and he was worthy of the title.

Everyone everywhere enjoyed listening to his speeches, until they disagreed.

The world listened and heeded what he had uttered, but never changed their ways.

We wanted to go to war, the angry men were always angry, but King was always tranquil.

The oceans roared and the continents screamed from the lack of care, we were always damaged.

Because of King, our eyes are finally opened, he was truly God's anointed.

My time remembering him is almost up, but his valiant actions will always be shown through me.

Communism can stay way it is, and capitalism where it is, what happens, happens.

All King wanted was for us to be happy again, he wanted success and joy, peace on Earth,

He was a warrior and is fit for the title of honorable and harmonious champion.

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