I AM is coming again

John 20, the resurrection. Where the dead man that saved all of man was lain for three days. Sunday morning had come around, and Magdalene, Simon-Peter, and the followers went to that tomb for it was the third day. Except the tomb was empty, no blood and no stains, but his linen wrappings, lay there, all folded and neat, for the savior has risen from his sleep, the veil was torn and had fallen down to the ground. He rose so that I can rise and open my eyes and try to pry into your heart and soul, and I know that he has tried and still tries, but you guys just want to cry and cry "where is my home" and "where do I need" or "where do I want to go". The answer is simple, you go where he wants you to go, it's either do or don't there is no try, you fly or die because you don't want to waste this opportunity because you're running out of time. Do you understand what I'm saying? Do you hear the truth through him who is speaking through my quivering lips? If you can't believe me, just picture this, he was called out for blaspheming, after praying so hard for humanity that he was sweating blood, they beat him, spat on him, and even made a mockery out of him, they wrote "Jesus the Nazarian, King of the Jews". Once they got up to cavalry, they nailed him on the wrists and ankles, they say that the word excruciating derives from the word crucify, they had to make a whole new word for the amount of unbearable pain that he had to endure for you and I. What's more is that, to top it off, they made sure that he was dead by stabbing him, they impaled him, in the side with a spear, he took all of that pain and endured all of his hardship because he loves you. Remember when I talked about the linen being folded nicely... That relates to an old Hebrew tradition where, when the master is done with his food and leaves, he crumples it up and throws it on the table, signaling the servant to clean up, but if the master were to fold it nicely like that, it showed his servants that he is going to return again soon, so the great I Am, is coming again soon, because what good father would just leave his children by themselves, he's got to come back soon.

I love you, and God bless

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