Peace May be Upon the Globe


I never been in a battle


I'm not a hero


I never used a rifle


Never miss used a knife

but I know how to hold a pen

integrate with reality

in order to be able write

and besides that


I got married to reason


Reason is my lovely wife




O, my rival … my Speciemy brother


If I and you can sit together


Share a beer or a nice cup of tea


Lend me an ear … listen to me


Borrow my eyes


To envision


The miss that I see




Let me elaborate


Let me explain


Let me magnify


The magnitude of pain


We all going through




May be then


We can consult the mind


Get reasonableget more kind




How much would be our losses


To replace hot bullets


With a bunch of cool roses




Lay down your arms


Say bye to weapons

 Let's put together our arms


To rebuild our ruins.


I assure you then,


We will be fore ever fine




Author's Notes/Comments: 


Always, I experience the need to write something real good. And I write.


Later, when I read what I wrote, I find it not on the level I sought. Then I go on correcting, trying to improve what I have already committed!


A real problem, Isn't it? But, how would life look like if there were no problems? I just wonder.


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