I am You

I need you
I need to speak to you
I also need to cry
Would you please
Rent me a fraction of your brain?
I need only a tiny room
up there,
Where I can soothe my mind
spread my papers
Read them again
And again
Reorder my thoughts
In order to put my face against your face and say:
either you like it or love it:
you are me
I am you
I came back to you.
Why don’t you say hi to me?
you don’t recognize me!
(how much and how frequent did I throw my heart to you?
من ذروة الوجد ألقيت عليك محبة مني !
Yet you failed to say to me what a human should say)
Assume I am an alien
Who came from outer space
Wouldn’t it be just
To give me a moment
to look the way you anticipate a lover to be:
Comb my hair
Fix my clothes
Kick out my fear
Turn to ice my tear
cool down a thought
Massage my throat
So that I may sing again.
5 am


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am the absent love.
That came back to you.
why don't you dear lend me a listening ear?
I am back a gain ... again here I am here,
I need to be heard … I thave hings and things to say:

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