Its pitch black

And I've no where to go to

Its pitch black,

and I've no one to return to


No one to color my day

No one to scare the dark away


Wont you embrace me?

Accept me

Just lie for me,

Just make me smile


I've lost enough to understand I want it back..

My life's a tragedy, why can't you see

I'm scared of what stirs inside of me


And all I see is hate!

Its under the skin, It penetrates!

Please come back..

Color my heart,

Give me a reason

I'm torn apart


You told me its me

You told me you wont sacrifice to be

Is this love? Or Is It lust well camouflaged?

I can't deny

I won't deny

It wasn't meant to be



I don't want to wake up from this lucid dream

I don't want to wake up from this lucid dream..

I don't want to wake up..

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