I Wish Part 2

Everything is fate
Angels don't determin my destiny
Nor do the stars I wish upon
A greater force that makes no mistakes
Who is perfect in everyway
Who never abandons nor forsakes
Who will always love me
He determins everything
I may have suffered a lot
But nothing compared to what he went through
Don't run away, it just doesn't work
Some say it's over, but my mind is saying
Something different
That there's more to life then the
Words on these pages written in red by my hand
Everything is predictable, nothing is predictable
All things go by how your view points are formed
11 years dowm the drain
What I thought I lost way a hologram
Gaining a life once everything is done
My broken heart beats again
From death brought back to life
So now every time I look up towards Heaven
It had to be good or I've wasted my breath
Good things come to thoes who wait
Beacuse In everything we do
We reep what we sow
I don't believe in luck or chance
Everything that happens
Happens for a reason
There aren't mistakes with destiny and fate
But I keep wishing anyways

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