I Wish Part 1

Every once in awhile
I look up towards the Heavns
And I make a wish
Some are childish things like a pony
Others are for the easily attained
Once in a great while my wishes will come true
Isn that luck of fate?
Are the angels of God acting or
Are the planets aligning?
Trying not to soul search
That's way to exhausting for me
Besides who needs that if they know who they are
That isn't my probelm
It's just that my past has effected my
Present to the point that
I give trust too quickly, I love the wrong people,
I tend to hate those who are good for me.
Well I hated the wrong one, and loved who
I should have blamed for everything.
Now that everything is said and done
I wish things could have happened differently
Ended happier and possibly didn't have to be
Pain is the worst. No one should
Have to experiance a feeling like that
But like I said before everything
Happens for a reason
Nothing is ever left to chance or luck

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