A Christmas To Remember

Just a thought!

A Christmas To Remember

Freddy McDougal is no longer with us.

He was last seen I think,

This time, around Christmas.

   He walked with a swank

And this bass-ackward cap,

He had no direction,

Let alone a good map!

   He tried to act tuff,

“Mr. Wannabee Cool”

He tried lots a stuff,

This drop out from school.

   With his hand on his crotch

He walked holding this cup,

Still trying to be cool,

He’d say, “Hey man, wass up?”

   Lace less and belt less

And underwear showing,

Everyone told him

Where this was going!

   Well, no job, no car, no

Money for the buss,

He was walking this way,

To have Christmas with us.

   ..As it happened, he tripped on his pants,

that’s what he did,

And fell down this sewer,

What didn’t have no lid!

   We still remember his tragic end,

With a after dinner flush, we all say. . . .

“Merry  Christmas My Friend”!!!


                 by Barry Anderson        

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Just some humor for Christmas!"

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