Santa's Back in Toy Land

Just a thought!

Santa’s Back in Toy Land

Santa’s back in Toy Land

Making all the Christmas toys

The Elves are working day and night

For all you girls and boys

Johnny wants a wagon and

Janie wants a flute and

Jesse wants a train set

That goes toot toot toot

Jimmy wants a racecar and

Judy wants a doll

Momma wants a coo-coo clock

That looks like Mr. Owl

Well load them up in Santa’s sack

And take them to the sleigh

I’m leaving right away so

They’ll be there on Christmas Day.

Don’t forget to leave Santa a couple cookies now!

       HO     HO    HO……Merry Christmas

          by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Just wanted to write something fun for Christmas!"

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