Robin Williams

Just a thought!

I'd love to watch a movie, of a Robin up on Mars,

Or a simple man who cobbled on some shoes...

But , brought to us in character, in every breath he took'

Was this funny man to us, who had the blues.

Performing life to get a smile, we had him for a little while,

On stage and film he amply paid his dues...

A tragic loss to one and all, we'll miss him at the curtain call,

This funny man to us who had the blues.

Thank God for clips and rerun shows...In the end, that's how it always goes'

We'll mourn this special man in a keg of booze...

Even though you are gone, the legend lives on...

This funny man to us we had to lose.


                                                       by Barry Anderson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Done for a great comic and actor, he gave us humor in our life.

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