You Leave Whenever You Want
Whenever Thomas Is Good And Ready
Well I Want You In My Life
But Just A Little More Steady

I Can't Have You Keep Walking Out
Every Time Things Get Tough
You Of All People Should Know
This Game Called Life Is Rough

What I'm Saying Is I Need To Know You'll Be There
No Matter How Hard Shit Gets
I Need To Be In The Relationship
Without Having Any Regrets

But How Can I When You Can't Face The Real World
Your Backing Out And Pulling Away
And Theres Nothing I Can Say
Well Atleast Nothing That Will Make You Stay

Once Your Past Upset
Your Like A Cannon Ready To Blow
But I Need You To Open Your Heart
And Stay Long Enough To Let Your Feelings Show

I Took My Wall Down For You Tommy
I Let You See Me Flaws And All
But The Choice Is Yours 
So I'm Gonna Throw You The Ball

Its In Your Court
Theres Nothing Left For Me To Say
I Love You,
But I Can't Deal With You Leaving Me Everyday

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I Know I'm Not The Easiest Person In The World To Get Along With But If You Have To Keep Walking Out To Make Yourself Happy, I Don't No Why You Asked Me To Walk Into Your Life By Marrying You.

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