Lost Little Girl


I Don’t Know Who I Am Anymore
The Old Me Must Have Gotten Lost Along The Way
Everything Is Different
I Don’t Live Wanting To See The Next Day

I Was So Fun Loving
I Used To Be So Full Of Life
Now I Can’t Seem To Go Two Seconds
Without Wanting To Use This Knife

It Seems Like Something Came In The Middle Of The Night
And Just Sucked Out My Soul
Like All My Values And Goals
Fell Straight Down A Never Ending Hole

I Am So Cold
My Thoughts Make Me Quiver
I Have The Worst Dreams
That Send Me Into An All Night Shiver

I Could Give A Rat Ass About Anyone Else
Because I Barely Care About Me
How Is It Possible To Be This Way?
How Could Something Change The Way I See

Rainbows Don’t Make Me Smile Anymore
Butterflies Feel Annoying Like Mosquitoes
Instead Of Looking At Flowers
I’d Rather See Graves That Go On For Rows

Suddenly, I Just Don’t Care
Nothing Even Comes Close To Touching My Heart
I Am Just A Lost Little Girl
And I Know I Wasn’t Like This From The Start

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I Don't Know Who The Girl Is In The Mirror Thats Looking Back At Me.

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