Sorry I’m Not Good Enough
I Try To Be Perfect For You
I Try So Hard But It Just Doesn’t Matter
What I Say Or What I Do

I Hate That I Let You Down
That You Can’t Depend On Me
I Want To Be Your Perfect Women
With The Perfect Ending To Your Perfect Destiny

I Try To Wear The Perfect Outfit
That Can Compliment Your Perfect Style
I Try So Hard To Do My Make-Up Perfectly
To Fix My Imperfect Smile

I Am Beginning To Let Your Perfect Life
Take Place Over Mine
I Live My Life To Please You
And You Think That’s Just Fine

I Lost The Girl I Knew
I Don’t Know This Perfect Wannabe
Sometimes I Ask A Question
“Does He Even Love Me?”

If You Did
You’d Take Me The Way I Am
Imperfections And All
Without Giving A Damn

All My Flaws
They Help To Make Me, Me
But That’s Something You Can Not Grasp
Its Just Something You Have Yet To See

So Fine, I’m Done With The Perfect Little Game
I Can’t Take It Anymore
So I’m Taking My Unperfected Ass
And I’m Walking Out Your Perfect Door

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm Not A Barbie Doll. I'm A Real Person, Imperfections And All.. Can't You Just Understand That?

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