January 4th 1990

January 4th 1990
They Heard Your First Cry
21 Years Ago I Would Have Never Known
You Were My Perfect Guy

You Were The Second Born
And Your Family Loved You So
The Strongest Love Possible
But That Was 21 Years Ago

Speeding Up To 2011
I'm In Your Life
I Love You More Then Anything
And In 2 More Years I'll Be Your Wife

I'd Risk My Life To Save Yours
I Want To Keep You All Smiles
I'll Love You More Then Anyone
I Would Walk A Thousand Miles

You Mean So Much To Me
More Then You'll Ever No
That Love You Felt When You Were Born
Has Only Room To Grow

Everyone That Meets You Loves You
But I Am The Lucky One
Sure They've Had You
And Were Able To Call You Their Son

But You Will Be My Husband
And Our Love Is Unbreakable
Our Bond For Each Other
Is Unshakable

What We Have Is What Makes Love Movies
What We Have Is The Secret To Fairytales
What We Have Is What Everyone Wants
But They Look To Much Into The Details

I Don't Try Figuring It Out
I Just Go With The Flow
All I Want Is To Love You
That All I Really No

I Don't Care About The Small Things
We'll Figure Them Out Along The Way
I Just Always Want To Wake Up To You On January 4th
And Wish You The Happiest Birthday

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy Birthday To The Most Amazing Man In The World. I Love You More Then Anything Sweetheart I Hope You Have A Great Day!! Xoxo

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