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I'm Sick Of The Drama
I'm Sick Of The Hurt
I'm Sick Of The Pain
And Being Treated Like Dirt

I Hate Being A Good Friend
To Get Stabbed In The Back
I Hate Trying To Apologize For What You Did
Just To Get You Back

I Miss You As A Sister
I Miss You As A Friend
But Its Not Fair To Me
So I Need To Move On In The End

I Need To Walk Away
To Realize Who You Really Are
Realize You Were Never A Friend
And I Shouldn't Be Trying This Hard

I Shouldn't Care That We're Not Friends
I Should Be Happy
But Instead I Cry To Your Brother
And Feel Nothing But Empty And Crappy

Even Though You Talked Shit 
And Don't Care About me At All
As Much As I Want To Say I Hate You
I No I'd Catch You When You Fall

I'm Sick Of Being Used
I'm The One Who Everyone Points To Blame
But I Miss You As My Friend
And Without You My Life Just Isn't The Same

I Hate That Your Friends With Her
Because When You Were Ok With Me
You Hated Her!
And Now She's Your "Bestie"

I'm Really Hurt
And I Can't Fake It Anymore
I've Had To Many Friends Stab Me In The Back
I Don't Think I Can Take One More

But Go On And Live You Life
Keep Smiling And Not Feeling Sad
Maybe One Day You'll Look Back
And Realize What A Good Friend You Had.

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