I’d give you the world and the stars and the moon

And you’d stand there and take them without even a swoon

And you’d look me in the eyes as you solemnly swear

That you undoubtedly will forever and always be there


And I’ll smile at your lies as they cut through my soul

Because at the time I’ll believe them but then later I’ll

Your deceit was deeper than I ever could think

And you’ll watch me as into depression I’ll sink


And I can’t help but wonder, I’ve somehow been here before

And I’ve experienced this shit with some other whore

I don’t even know why I put myself through this pain

Its surely not worth having it over again?


The past and the present and the future collide

Creating a timey wimey vortex of fucked upp-ed times

And the beast from within can’t help wonder why

You stuff him down deep where you tell him to hide


If he were free, you hear him exclaim

You’d be free of this shit and the crap in your brain

You could do what you want and not care one bit

And you could survive without pretending you give a shit



 But heyyyyy fucking ho its time and again

Were back in this place that you should just call friend

So familiar it feels, so close to what I know

That I may as well give up and call this fucker home.


By The Hopeless Writer

P M Jarvis



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