My Friend

More years than I even dare to count
This demon ‘pon my back
Its misery and deceitful lies
Bleed through my psyches cracks

The urge to draw across my skin
With cold hard steely blade
Almost lost within times reach
Though somehow never fades

Its shadow pulls and drags me down
Into blackened depth
My soul is smothered in its foul smog
Exuded with each fetid breath

Its claws sink in and tease my flesh
With laughing mocking grasp
Its eyes burn into my sickened skin
And rehash my chequered past

It drags me down and pulls my head
My soul and entire heart
But when asked if I should wish it gone
I’d more likely never part

This fetid thing of sorrow and despair
Has over years become
Though sick and dying a type of friend
Whos company has weathered all but one

Its not his fault I’m mentally ill
Nor mine for his little ways
He holds me down and drags me back
Though his friendship yet has paid

I’ve become better than the person I was
Though his friendship be deformed and rotten
His gifts of the life taken away from me
Has led to things I have never forgotten

So when you feel down and at your last breath
Do not hate the cloud at your back
Just pull up your collar and hunker down tight
Coz hes there to get You on track.

By The Hopeless Writer

P M Jarvis
19/02/2012 21:42pm

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