History Repeats, History Repeats

History Repeats, History Repeats

Histories past

Repeating again

Faces change

Situations the same

Different person entirely

But then whats in a name?

But its original for you

No one else ever has

Experienced the same

Problems that you now have

Depressed teenage youth

With their angst, doubt

Their shame

Different times

Different places

So why is it all the same?

Personally original

Everything is new

Never before seen

Only by you

Wars are fought, lost and won

Money is earned, stolen then gone

Children arrive their life just begun

While every next person could just be "The One"

History repeats

History repeats

History repeats

History repeats

I know I'm not original

I know I'm not the first

But that doesn't mean

That I want to be forgot

So let history repeat around me

Let it do just so

But let me make a name for myself

Before my time is gone

By The Hopeless Writer

P M Jarvis


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