By Your Side

By Your Side

Sometimes when its late at night

I feel your arms wrapped me tight

And in the end i know it feels right

To be standing by your side

People may make comments and such

But when it comes to your life no one else can touch

Because the truth is Katie i love you so much

And that will never change

At the end of the day people may talk

And pass judgement on things that may make you balk

But know this my dear when through life you walk

Ill always be by your side

So sleep tight now baby girl

Close your eyes and dream of the future world

Where we are happy and problems solved

Together till the end

To Katie Lou

The truth in these lines i hope will make you smile

By The Hopeless Writer

P M Jarvis

(This poem was written for my ex-girlfriend Katie....I believe in order to move forward you have to be able to understand the past)

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