Who Else?

Who else ?

Who else could love you as well as me?

Who else could cure your blindness when you couldn't see?

Who else could hold you when it all goes to shit?

Who else will support you through thin and through thick?

What else could be done than what I've already done

How much more could be taken without our love

Who dares to stand between you and I

No one i tell you because they know it feels right

I promise I will never walk away

Until you tell me its time I'll forever stay

When that day does come, as I'm sure it will

I'll kiss your memory with fondness and thrill

And one day when you are old and grey

You'll look back on these times and remember my face

And you'll wonder what ever happened to me

Then I'll take your hand and again help you see

For I know not whats on the other side

But when you need me again the memory will rise

And with the memory shall the physical be

And again we shall walk, hand in hand, you and me

(For Faye, I Love You Dearly)

By The Hopeless Writer

P M Jarvis

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