You've Got A Friend

Youve Got a Friend

People always ask me

When I'm down and at my worst

Whats wrong old friend and i reply

Nothing I'm fine get lost

Now i dont know how you're feeling

But i've got a good idea

Because i've likely been there seen it done it

Truth is i don't want to share

Because its true that life

Has lots of pitfalls and traps

To catch your mind in evil snares

And break you with a snap

Now i can't stop it happening

But i can tell you its not true

When you feel alone and no one cares

That this shit only happens to you

Because i assure you that you are not alone

In this world of forgotten lives

Theres more people than you can imagine

Walking by your side

So remember when your lonely

And you feel like no one cares

Never again will you be alone

Now you know you have a friend.

By the Hopeless Writer

P M Jarvis

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