Tough Shit

Tough Shit

Why am I so fucked up

If I died right now

Would anyone notice ?

Probably not

They would just blink and say oh

Another one gone

I sometimes look into the mirror and see someone else

I don't look like this

Who put me in this body

Then I blink and wake up

Like it or lump it

Your stuck like this

What if I could invent a machine

Where I could transplant my brain

Into a better body

Would it change anything

I mean

Apart from my physicality

How do people stay sane ?

I mean seriously

All this stress on them

And yet


They pretty much ‘normal’, whateva that is

I just wanna be free

Free to not be judged

Free to have things I want

For free

Free to love

And be loved in return

Well tough shit…..

By the Hopeless Writer


PM Jarvis

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