The Good The Bad and The God Damned Ugly

The Good....The Bad....And The God Damned Ugly

It wells up inside

Like im sure I've said before

Like some evil fetid demon

Trying to open up minds door

And letting in the rotting stench

Of lost bonded hearts joint

While scraping your mind outside in

With hooked claws sharpened to points

You lust for the time when it all goes dark

When you let the demon finally win

Overlooked by your own saintly ways

Overlooked by those you let in

And your funeral wont be a happy one

Hardly any people will show

The priest who didn't meet you spitting his words

Saying what a pleasure you was to know

Don't you fucking dare remember me

As I was or as I am

Just wipe your fucking memory

I was just a soul to be damned

Like the prodigal son of god

I come and I suffered for sin

Only difference is I dont believe

In that pompous old sham in heaven

This is the way of life

The good and the god damned bad

Each to their own and each one of us

Will fight for one side till we are mad

So don't you dare even pity me

Do yourself a favour and forget

The person you thought you was and you are

I have finally paid in full your debt

By The Hopeless Writer

P M Jarvis


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