One Lonely Night

One Lonely Night

One lonely night whilst in my room

I watched the blood bead and watched it consume

My arm with heat and scarlet pain

Till it burrowed deep inside my brain

I watched it roll right down the length

Of my ruined body of the empty wreck

It pooled when it reached my upright hand

Like a glass of wine on a flimsy stand

I watched it stop in my open palm

Made me feel real special like I was the one

My lips reach down to the bloody pool

And take a sip of the precious jewel

Fantasise about going out with a bang

Not sitting alone in an old cold abandoned

House that’s been empty for more years than you lived

Alone at the end not a friend to share with

Sometimes I wonder if there’s more than just one

Person in my head and if  I am alone

Sit in the dark trapped in a bum deal

Cant turn away from the cold hard worn steel

Feel it dig into your warmth ridden skin

Close your eyes as hot lines burn from deep within

White hot is the pain that scorches your mind

Red hot is the memory trapped deep inside

Paranoid whispers from those close by

Turn around and watch them cry

As the life of someone they dearly love

Drips down my arm to a pool of blood

                                         By The Hopeless Writer

                                                  Paul Jarvis

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