Memory Lane

Memory Lane

Taking a long walk down old memory lane

Just to remember the sadness, the sorrow and pain

Where each scar has a meaning, behind each a name

And behind each a person, someone else to blame

Now do i make sense here or am i pure mad

To not remember the good times, but remember the bad

Do we learn from mistakes or just make them for show?

Can we open our hearts after love and let go?

Now i hope you relate to this puzzle of mine

To be stuck in a loop, without no room to shine

Death tolls its bell, and the wolves they do cry

As your death sneaks up on you, like a thief in the night

Now if it make's sense, you just dont understand

The meaning of words, in life's devine plan

See you may think you know everything, but this isnt true

If you understand less, then theres more here for you

This writing is life, as a teenager goes

With all ups and downs, without making a show

We keep it all in, until we explode

Then we cope by ourselves, or not, as you know

If your reading this now, your most likely depressed

To the point where you need to get shit off your chest

I don't condone self harm, nor suicide attempts

But i understand its how you do things, how you deal with things best

Now you may feel alone, in this big world of ours

But more often than not, your surrounded by thousands

Of people like yourself, with them problems and pain

All stuck, Just like you, down old memory lane

By The Hopeless Writer

PM Jarvis

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