Leaving You

Leaving You

And when i left it was the hardest thing

That ive ever had to do

Or done ever since

But you treated me badly

And you used me for cash

Under the pretences of love

But that didnt last

Long now did it

Coz i aint so blind

As you thought me to be

When i was barely a child

But i cant get you out

Like the stain that you are

To my subconcious mind

And my thoughts you still mar

All of the blame i lay at your door

Like all the other guys, after and before

But me you got where it hurts

Right down deep

You fucked with my head

So i couldnt sleep

For the thoughts that were floating around in my mind

Started this whole thing off

I wish that I said

To you that I Hate you

And never again

Will someone treat me this way

No never again will someone treat me this way

But i didnt, and now its too late

Your gone from my life

Like so much waste

But I dont regret the time that we had

Even if afterwards you did turn me mad

But meh and blah and fuckedy doo

The reason I self harm?

The reason is you

By The Hopeless Writer

P M Jarvis

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