Alternatively Different Depressing Rebel Youth

Alternatively Different Depressing Rebel Youth

Alternative difference isnt just a word

Its more a way of life

A key to my world

Im depressed and i rebel

Nothing wrong with that

So i got stronger views

Than most townies

Or Chavs

But i use it constructively

I put it to good use

I dont bully old grannys

Nor give "Grungers" abuse

And I Dont sit alone in my room all the time

Listening to heavy metal

My head bobbing in time

Im angry, depressed emotionally detatched

Fucked off at life

For dealing me a bum hand

But i dont give a toss

What happens to me

Just another statistic

In this world that you see

I want to have fun

And listen to rock

Have partys and stuff

Get drunk and strip off

Fuck this im writing

Im off to get drunk

By the Hopeless Writer

PM Jarvis

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