Where did all the love go?


Show me a leader 

Who stands for love and healing,

 Who demonstrates respect 

For All of earth, 

including All living beings, 

All natural resources, 

earth, sky, water, health, sustenance, the cosmos...

All of it!

 I might be willing to follow. 


I'm not sure 

What to do with those

Who have failed us 

As a human species. 

They obviously need healing.

Or maybe they just

Ought become compost. 


But then again, 

I don't really want disease 

In my compost.

 So I guess maybe 

They would have to become 

Ashes. (Shit, now I sound morbid.)


Trouble is, 

I don't know anyone

Who could fairly 

Come to judgment

About who would be 

Condemed to ash.

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