Chasing rainbows


What's at the end of the rainbow, she asked.

Is there a pot of gold?

How do we find our way to it?

She asked him for the map to show.


He said he didn't want to give

What he had to her.

Because she couldn't really see

The truth that was in there.


She took the map that led her to

a land of broken mirrors.

They showed her in an ugly light

all twisted and deformed.


She wanted to change the face

Of hers that she now saw.

It showed an ugly impish gal

Who's smile was but a frown.


All her fears and disappoints

were right between her brow.

Now afraid, she turned around

To see another flaw.


How could she get out of this mess?

She was looking for rainbows

in the mist.

She saw them there and with a glare

smashed them down with her fist.


There was no gold that she could hold

the rainbow disappeared.

She looked again and noticed then

the gold was in the air.






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