Inspired by Convo with Cash
An ode to worrying....

An ode to wondering. Thinking of what if all cards were laid, displayed on the table face up, no need to be optimistic , that cup...is full. Full of worry. Full of pride. Full of skeptics, trying to hide their hands and throw stones. Nobody wants to be alone forever, everyone needs a refuge to weather the storms that roar....the whole world wanting more at days end feeling as tired as the beginning...these weary hearts. An ode to what we forgot. What we placed aside, in order to abide in a place called love for now...budding blossoms that mimic the heart a replica of what we once gave away, different today because we actually know each other, wisdom helps us discover that shelter that we've been longing for...the ability to ignore as we hurry....a reality now too preoccupied to worry. 

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