Slowly feeling a presence upon me,

as the gentle touch caressed

my body of in which embraced thy spirit.

It became deeper in passion as

I felt the kisses and tingling sensation

of a touch in which I could not resist.

A melting affection I have never known,

A rhythm beating as one in a love of

passionate desire.

As though I was falling deeper in love,

warmness filled the insides as each

stroke intensified by the second.

In the depth of my mind I had awaken

to a semi conscious state and began to ask

Who is this?

Then I heard the voice say for it is I.

I saw the light pink color that was fully

upon me and then I had woken up.

At first I wanted to desire it more as

though I hungered a pure touch.

That magnified the sensual side of me

where I never fully allow this side to

rarely meet.

As I lay there thinking of what had just

happened, I wondered how could this be

possible to have such a intimate sensation

with The Spirit.

I rolled over and went back to sleep,

the next day when i woke up that

was the first thing I thought of in the morn.

As I began to question to what had happened.

I realized something I never realized before.

That not only God and the Lord desires a

relationship, He too the third person also

desires an intimate relationship.

Even though it played out like this, I allowed

this to happen and I too desire to know the

Holy Spirit more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

On A Spiritual concept and not a physical sense

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